Experimental drug shrinks lung cancer tumours in mice

Tumours formed from lung cancer cells completely disappeared in mice treated with an experimental drug, US scientists say.
“The profound effect on tumour growth in mice shows that switching off TOPK could be a promising approach for treating some cancers in the future” – Professor …
Experimental drug shrinks lung cancer tumours in mice

Ashoka Mukpo, journalist, declared Ebola free

An American video journalist with ties to Halifax being treated for Ebola has been declared Ebola free.
Ashoka Mukpo, 33, received an experimental Ebola treatment with a drug called brincidofovir and IV fluids.
Mukpo will leave the Nebraska Medical Center on Wednesday, the hospital said. Mukpo…
Ashoka Mukpo, journalist, declared Ebola free

Ebola outbreak: Travel bans ‘irrational,’ says Red Cross head

Closing borders will not effectively curb Ebola infections, the head of the Red Cross said on Wednesday, amid debate over whether bans on travel from hardest-hit African countries would help combat the spread of the deadly virus.
This year’s outbreak of the highly infectious hemorrhagic…
Ebola outbreak: Travel bans ‘irrational,’ says Red Cross head

NHS five-year plan ‘packs a punch’

23 October 2014
Last updated at 00:34

Article written by
Hugh Pym

Health editor

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One aim of the plan is to boost general practice
It may be only 39 pages long, but the so-called Five Year Forward View for the NHS in…
NHS five-year plan ‘packs a punch’

VIDEO: Clashes on English and Welsh NHS

David Cameron and Ed Miliband accused each other of not answering questions as they clashed over NHS services in England and Wales.
The Labour leader said the government offered “five more years of crisis”, while the prime minister said England has the highest-performing health…
VIDEO: Clashes on English and Welsh NHS

‘More to do’ on disabled hate crimes

23 October 2014
Last updated at 00:45

The number of convictions for disability hate crime incidents have fallen
Prosecutors have pledged to do more to tackle disability hate crime after a drop in the number of convictions.
The total number of hate crime convictions rose by over…
‘More to do’ on disabled hate crimes

Obama ‘optimistic’ over Ebola in US

22 October 2014
Last updated at 23:59

Some travellers in the US will have their temperatures checked for signs of a fever
President Barack Obama has expressed cautious optimism about the Ebola situation in the US, as new screening rules were introduced in the country.
He said…
Obama ‘optimistic’ over Ebola in US

Experts aim to reduce stillbirths

23 October 2014
Last updated at 00:47

Midwives said it was “vital to learn lessons” from tragic events
A five-year plan to halve the number of stillbirths, newborn deaths and baby brain injuries in the UK has been launched.
About 500 babies a year died or were left…
Experts aim to reduce stillbirths

Experimental infertility treatment seems effective, cheaper

(HealthDay)—A crucial part of conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF)—the incubation of embryos in a laboratory dish—can instead take place in a device inside the vagina, new research suggests.
Scientists from the United States and Colombia contend that the device, called an INVOcell, might sh…
Experimental infertility treatment seems effective, cheaper

Discussing Ebola: children feel safe, calm when adults do, too

(HealthDay)—With so much news focused on the Ebola epidemic in Africa, parents and other caregivers should think about how to help children feel safe, experts say.
“Children are almost always listening,” said Dr. Allison Baker, a pediatric psychopharmacologist at the Child Mind I…
Discussing Ebola: children feel safe, calm when adults do, too


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